Making outcomes-based commissioning a reality

CoCare is an app that both enables outcomes-based payment mechanisms and provides the communication and workflow platform to make new, more flexible ways of delivering care possible.

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How CoCare works

Through simple and intuitive interactions, CoCare records care hours, wellbeing, personal goals, health conditions, social care needs and the experiences of people receiving care.

This information can be used to compare providers and to automate payments, with bonuses being paid for good performance. The information can also help councils understand needs, identify risks and improve support for individuals receiving care.

CoCare also enables councils and providers to work together in a more outcomes-focussed way. Care workers, council staff, NHS staff, family members and care receivers use the app to communicate with each other and coordinate more personalised care.




Intuitive design enabling effortless recording

Key knowledge is captured with a few simple taps on every visit.


Secure and easy communication

Notes for professionals as well as messaging for the whole care network that keep loved ones in the loop.

Insightful dashboards for better commissioning and care planning

Population, provider and individual level dashboards.


CoCare helps you


Identify care receiver risks and improve reassessments

Develop outcomes-based payment mechanisms

Engage informal care networks and voluntary organisations


Improve evidence-based decision making


Support partnership working


Keep track of the care that is actually being delivered across providers



CoCare is a joint venture with four partners. Together, our unique insights and experience helped us to develop a solution that is both transformative and feasible.


Service design consultancy supporting people driven service improvement.



A local authority radically redesigning its home care services.

Powerful data analysis for outcomes-based commissioning and value for money.

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Local democracy think tank focused on practical innovation for public services.


"We’ve been working on redesigning our home care services to make them more person centred and effective and trying to bring the whole community of care together. CoCare will give us the tools to ensure that we’re all working together to make outcomes focused care a reality."

— Samantha Kelly - Service Development Officer Kingston Co-ordinated Care