key Features



Simple Data Gathering

In addition to recording the actual start and end times of care visits, at the end of each visit care workers will be asked a maximum of three questions. One will be a general question about the care receiver’s mood and one will be a specific question about an aspect of the care receiver’s needs or health conditions. Periodically, they will also be asked a third question which will be about the care receiver’s progress towards a personal goal.



Insightful Dashboards

Information will be available to commissioners and care providers through a web portal. This will include information about individual care receivers to inform annual reviews; safeguarding alerts; and summary information to inform better contract management and commissioning (including analysis of care hours delivered, outcomes achieved and needs profiles).


Curated Communication

In addition to sharing information about social care needs, health conditions and personal goals, CoCare also enables care workers, social workers, commissioners, agencies, and care receivers and their friends and families to communicate with each other through the app. Notes can be shared with the whole care network or just specific roles, and safeguarding alerts can be raised and escalated quickly and easily.