Access information effortlessly.

The CoCare mobile app allows care workers, other care professionals and informal carers to access key information about the people they care for.

- List of Clients allows the care workers to have an simple overview over their clients

- Personal Profile shows key personal information about a person in care

- Recording Travel and Contact Time in the app is  quick and unintrusive 


Communicate seamlessly.

The CoCare app offers secure and easy ways to communicate within the care network.

- Messages enable communication between care workers, third sector, informal carers and families

- Notes allow for easy communication amongst the care team

- Actions are a feature allowing care workers to escalate necessary actions with the care agency


Capture data within seconds.

The CoCare mobile app allows care workes to gather data on care needs at the end of each visit. The Intuitive design of CoCare makes this effortless and puts no burden on care workers. 

- Wellbeing Questions capture the general wellbeing of a person in care

- Social and Healthcare Questions probe a range of key indicators

- Personal Goal Questions capture progress towards a person's self-chosen personal goals


Insightful data for better commissioning and planning 

The data care workers collect using the CoCare App feeds into the CoCare dashboards. They display information across five key domains: visits, social care needs, health, the care experience and personal goals.

- Council View Dashboard with a population wide overview 

- Care Provider View Dashboard displaying data of all people in care of a care provider

- Individual View Dashboard showing information on the wellbeing and care needs of an individual in care